There are two different opinions on why would so many military guys join Tinder. Moreover, both of them are correct in a way, one just needs to weight the chances of that in the particular area.

The first version is positive and based on the soldiers’ loneliness in the army or the regular military base. On online dating app you can find the best singles.They surely need female attention and Tinder is the easiest way to get a lot of it.

While the second version is also grounded on the real statistics but has the negative meaning. Too many scammers and catfishers pretend they’re soldiers who’re stuck in without any money.

“Since I am on Tinder for long months now, I had all kinds of stories about military guys”, Nataly shares. “I have weakness for them so I made sure I am not missing any profile of these.

I can say, there are fifty-fifty fake and legit profiles of the military personals. Just pay attention and watch the photo details, also what they write and what they in fact want.

If you’re cautious enough, you’ll weed out the scammers and enjoy the real soldiers’ company”.