What to expect from a russian girl

What to expect from a russian girl

Whenever there is a talk about the most gorgeous women, it seems like the Russian girls are taking over the world. All of the sudden, everyone seems to be interested in seeing, dating and marrying a Russian girl. You might ask yourselves why and what makes these ladies so appealing and special? After all, they are just girls. There is a little bit of truth in all of that. First, it is important to mention how great looking Russian girls are. Imagine that you live in the country that is inhabited with girls that look like top models in fashion industry, such as Woman’s Secret or something similar. Well, that is what kind of ladies Russia has.

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They are all very attractive and handsome, not to mention very seductive. Generally speaking, Russian girls always make sure to go out on the street in their best edition, looking like they just got off of the runway after a catwalk session. Simply said, they look perfect. But, that is not all what makes Russian women so special. Besides having captivating beauty, these ladies also have the brains and can not be fooled so easily, or at all. It doesn’t come so strange that they sometimes have two colleges finished and are very educated and smart. What is really important to know about these women is that they have the highest respect for the traditions in their country as well as for customs, which means that it will be easier to get to know her and her way of life better if you get to explore her traditions and customs.

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When you start dating a Russian lady, there are some things that might help you win her heart in no time. First of all, chivalry is something that is in the Russian culture very appreciated. Since women are very gentle and emotional, they like having a strong and affectionate man by their side. Small gestures of affection, like holding her coat while getting out of the restaurant after the lunch/ dinner date is over is something that is considered usual in their culture. Also, bringing flower for her is a part of these customs that most men in the western civilization forget about, so there is no spark in their dates. Giving Russian girl a rose will make her eyes glow and her heart beating faster. All in all, the goal is to make her feel like she owns the world, like she is the center of your world. After that night, she will save a spot in her heart for you. Also, while dating a Russian lady, you’ll notice that Russian girls love getting presents.

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Besides your attention, they love getting small tokens of appreciation. But, unlike women from western culture, who would get knocked off of their feet when seeing an expensive ring or necklace, these ladies prefer gifts that show how much care a man has put into it while buying it to them. So, these gifts have to be meaningful. What you can do to impress her even more is to remember that one of the most important days in their culture is International Woman’s Day, which is on March the 8th. That is the day when women are celebrated and it is Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and some sort of a birthday in one. And it’s a custom to bring a gift for each woman in the house, which means that you’ll lose a lot of points with her if you forget to bring her mother/ sister a gift. And if you decide on marrying some of these Russian beauties, you won’t have to worry about how she will do as a mother, because they are, generally speaking, great with kids.