What is typical russian in dating them?

Wherever you look, people are having some troubles while dating. And if it happens, by any chance, that you are dating a girl from the foreign country, such as Russia, you’ll start thinking at one point, that the saying “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” might actually be true. It seems that during the dating process you and your Russian girl are from two different planets and you have no idea what to do and how to understand her. So, here are a few tips that might help you get a hold of basics.

First off, have in mind that Russian girls, besides being the prettiest women in the world, they also have the smarts. They aren’t just gorgeous Barbie dolls that you only show off to your friends to make them jealous. These girls are often highly educated and have good manners, so make sure not to underestimate her and listen to her ideas, they might give you some more ideas. Also, Russian girls are known to really take care of their looks. They have an amazing make up and are always dressed in very stylish outfits, which comes from their culture.

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In Russia, having sense of fashion is one of the really important things in social life. So, you now have gorgeous and smart girl, who always looks great. Now, that makes people jealous. Another thing with Russian girls and dating them is to get to know their culture. Traditions and religion are vital for them and they are raised in such environment that they respect the customs and are really important to them. Most of Russian families are pretty traditional, which means that the father is the head of the family, mother usually stays at home and raises children. And these girls are used to that kind of life. So, it’s not so surprising that they look to get married as soon as possible when they come of age. And you can be sure that once you make a decision to marry a Russian girl, you’ll make no mistake, because she will be the perfect wife and mother.

After all, Russian girls have the reputation of being decisive and may come off a bit “mom-like” with their behavior, which is the best thing when it comes to raising the kids. But, while dating one, it is important to keep a few things in mind if you are set out to win her over. Be a gentleman. This usually means that you open the door for her, hold her chair as she sits, bring flowers to the date and do all those small gestures that men usually forget when going out on a date. Russian girls really fall for that. Another thing you should do is give her lots of compliments. These ladies love to feel special and like queens while they are on a date, so try to do your best to make an impression.

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Also, dating your Russian girl, make sure to always remember to buy her something nice. They adore gifts. And those gifts don’t have to be expensive ones, they don’t like that. Rings, necklaces and expensive gifts- a small token of appreciation is what she will like more, which can be something not so expensive, but bought with lots of thought. And, talk to her honestly. It is vital that you make a really good communication with her, to see who is having what kind of plans for the future and to make sure that you understand each other and that everything is clear when you come to the topic of expectations.