What a russian lady wants

What a russian lady wants?

Dating a Russian woman always represents bit of a challenge for men who aren’t from their culture. And there are lots of differences between these two cultures, that men, that are in the search for the wife from Russia, need to have in mind and to adapt to. Let’s begin with the way these ladies look. Unlike other women, Russian ladies are always paying attention to how they look. In Russia, having sense in fashion and following the latest fashion tips is a pretty usual thing for women. But, that’s not the only quality they have. There is more than meets the eye with Russian ladies. They are almost always highly educated and also smart.

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These two things already make them very special and rare. When compared to the women from the western culture, one might even say that Russian women are tougher and more fragile at the same time. As in the fairy tales that come from their culture and traditions, Russian girls are very strong and smart women who know what they want from life as well as from their partner and aren’t afraid to be dominant when they need to. But, at the same time, they are very emotional, feminine and gentle, which is a pretty interesting mix and men from western culture often find themselves confused and don’t know how to deal with. When it comes to dating such a girl, it is essential to get to know their culture and their way of life. First of all, these ladies are very traditional and respect their customs. So, make sure to get to know how former Soviet country became what it is today as well as to pick up on their customs, because some history lessons will explain a lot about their behavior. Dating a Russian woman also means that you have to be a man, because that is what they are looking for.

They don’t need a guy, who is not sure what he wants in life and isn’t totally with his feet on the ground. They need a man who will provide them with stability in financial as well as in emotional aspect, so if you aren’t like that, you will most probably end up empty-handed. There are some tricks to get her attention as well as their interest. Romantic dinner, candles and roses are the things that make Russian girls feel special. And when you manage to do that, you will have her affection as well. Another thing is to compliment her on her looks, her kindness and express your emotions openly. That will intensify the impression with them and make their heart skip a beat. And like a cherry on a cake, be a gentleman. There is nothing better to knock a lady off of her feet than a gentleman who is ready to hold her coat, open the door for her, bring a rose for her on a date. Most of the things are here ,but there is another one that needs to be mentioned.

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What is also important while dating a Russian girl is that you need to be on the same page when it comes to planning the future together. Talk openly, honestly and try to meet each other half way when it comes to different views on life. That way you’ll be sure that you have it all cleared out and that there are no misunderstandings between you two and you can live your lives together in peace.