Top 5 dating sites to meet Belarussian women

meet Belarussian women

Meeting new romantic partners has become easier than ever. Dating apps help to save time, not to be wasted, to do a preliminary analysis, to choose the best of those who are available, to control the processes in which we are involved, and to invest with the expectation of getting the most benefit at the lowest cost. This is important for us-avid buyers living in the age of consumerism.

Undoubtedly, Dating apps have changed our understanding of relationships, made them easier, increased the number of contacts, diversified, but also reduced their quality.


On serious Dating sites, you can learn about the applicant is exactly what is important to you in a relationship, but it is usually not accepted to talk about it at the beginning. For example, features of behavior in conflict situations, complex traits, family relationships, the desire to have children and ideas about their education, etc.


Tips for effective and safe use of the site: provides advanced statistics with information about the questionnaire rating, number of visits and likes. However, it does not allow you to control the visibility of the questionnaire, sends notifications that contain useless information, and does not allow you to send files in chat. The security level of the application is high. The mobile application has not received updates for more than six months, demonstrates correct and stable operation.


The user base here is huge. You can find people who are nearby or have crossed paths with before. By the way, to see the profiles you are interested in, you do not have to open them. In the application, you can give gifts, chat (reciprocity), look for “doubles”. It is safe, regularly updated, correct and stable.


  • encrypted data transmission
  • photo verification
  • informative user profiles and advanced interaction with questionnaires
  • search for “twins»
  • attractive design
  • integration with social networks


  • a small number of search filters (3 out of 10 main: by gender, age and network status)
  • notifications with useless information
  • the high cost of subscription

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Serious sites when registering offer to pass a personal test, the results of which are used to analyze the psychological compatibility of potential partners. This allows the selection of candidates to take into account not only their appearance, but also the characteristics of the character, which helps to avoid many disappointments in the future. Detailed test also weeds out the users who intend to frivolous Dating.

Quality of service and feedback

Familiarity is built it is highly original: in this first step do not men and girls. Evaluation of questionnaires is carried out by “swipe”, and in the case of mutual sympathy between a man and a girl, the girl has 24 hours to write the first, and the man has a day to answer her. If the sympathy arose between people of the same sex (the application allows you to search including friends and business partners), anyone can take the first step within 24 hours. The application is integrated with Instagram and Spotify, allows you to control the visibility of the questionnaire, but has only two search filters (by sex and age) and uninformative profiles. But safe, regularly updated, correct and stable operation.

Best 3 Dating apps for serious people

Enter your gender, the gender of the desired partner, upload photos and wait until the system finds suitable options no further than 50 km from you. Pros: all users of the application are aware of why they need it, do not need to register an account or log in through social networks, web-site claims that it does not store user data and the service is confidential. This may be true, but you should always be aware of your own safety. The first week of using the application for free, then have to pay a little less than 2 thousand rubles for a monthly subscription.


If you met each other on a serious Dating site, it is much less likely that you will not meet then the characters or not be able to find a common language during difficulties. Serious Dating sites take into account the basic values, interests and expectations of the partner and help the user to choose candidates for Dating, the most suitable for him to create a strong and happy relationship.