Dating a Russian girl

Russian girls and online dating sites

When it comes to finding the right partner to spend the life with, the search for the right person can be really complicated and frustrating. There are many online dating sites that offer their services and guarantee that their users will find their perfect match. Sometimes there are lots of people who are willing to use the fact that behind a false profile they can do anything, but there are also lots of people who are really looking for their soul mates. And when you visit a site like that, you might see something that is common to all of them- a huge amount of Russian girls, women and ladies. They are looking for their perfect match as well. Why there is so many of them, you might ask.

Although Russia is a big country, the statistic shows that the percentage of males is a lot less than the percentage of females there, which means that lots of ladies are left single. One other thing about Russian girls is, that they already know what they are looking for. With strong traditional values that are always present in their everyday lives, Russian girls are accustomed to being really tough in life as well as in their expectations when it comes to choosing a man to spend their lives with. First of all, they do want to feel special and they are looking for a man that will make them feel that way. So, when dating a woman which is from Russia, be prepared to dedicate all of your attention to her and to hear her out when she has something to say.

dating a woman which is from Russia

Of course, that shouldn’t be taken too literally, but rather as an important guideline. Since their culture is a lot different than the western culture, it will surely help to get introduced with their life style before you start dating a Russian girl. As it was already mentioned, they put a great value in tradition and some customs. One of them is the day, that is considered to be a sort of a mix of birthday, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day and it’s called International Woman’s Day. It occurs on March the 8th and women across the country get presents on this day. If you forget about this and you’re dating a Russian girl, you’ll surely get a huge minus with her. Another thing Russian women appreciate is to act like a real gentleman.

dating a Russian girl

Holding the door as she gets out of the car or out of the restaurant, standing up as she excuses herself to go to ladies room while you’re in restaurant, holding her jacket as you leave the place- it all counts. Russian women really pay a lot of attention to what men do and how they treat them. So, no detail will pass unseen. When dating a Russian girl, it is also important to listen to what she has to say about her expectations in the relationship and from you. Sometimes they might be a bit unreal with what they are looking for and expecting from their partners in life, but that is just one more reason to carefully pay attention to everything. If she has her head high in clouds, you should tell her where she should be instead and what you expect of her as well. A good communication in the relationship is the most important thing, ad Russian girls know how to appreciate that. In return you might get a lot more love than you expected in the first place.