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I have a cool story and I would like to share it with you! In general after the wedding of my friend, I returned home and I was sober, as I was driving a car. The mood was honestly disgusting, since there were no more bachelors in the company. That’s why I switched on the computer and visited my favorite online dating platform But suddenly I paid attention on the picture of one beautiful girl, and immediately I decided to invite her to a cafe, it was (Friday) evening, it was the best time for a date. But unfortunately, my beloved lady and her mom got on the train and went to uncle’s jubilee in the republic of Chuvashia. I asked her to meet there, and she was really surprised. I offered to come to Chuvashia and we would meet and take a walk there.

As I was in a suit and in a jacket I went to the station. I managed to buy a ticket and went to date with my beloved. In 5 hours I was there, and she was waiting for me. I want to say, at first I did not like her, but dating for some dates in unfamiliar city, I felt in love with that wonderful girl and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I must admit that I found the most beautiful russian girl on your site. We liked each other. In June 2016 we got married. Thanks for creating such a site where dating Russian girl is really possible. So, I’ve found my happiness and I would like to share some tips for the freshmen. Particularly, I want to pay attention on the main mistakes of a beginner on a dating site.

dating Russian girl is really possible

Please do not repeat these 3 common errors that users make while registering on a dating site.

1. Embellish the reality. Of course, we all want to make a good first impression, so that more participants have the desire to write to you on the dating site. Moreover, most people “lie” in some parts of their questionnaire, be it age, or weight, or height. Either put old pictures, when they were slim and young or even use the magic of the photoshop, so that the waist is slimmer, and the face is smoother.

Of course, what kind of photo to put in the questionnaire is only your decision, but imagine, if all participants will also embellish reality – the disappointment in a real meeting will be immense. Sooner or later you will have to show your true face, and even a “white lie” can alienate your potential partner in life.

2. Too high expectations and requirements. It is because of the high demands, many people fall back to to embellishing their questionnaires. We are all people with their shortcomings, but this does not mean that we are unworthy of love. Therefore, if you want to meet true love, approach soberly to an estimation of your expectations from acquaintances on the Internet. First of all, it concerns preferences in appearance. Of course, everyone dreams of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but in reality most people fall in love and create a family with a person with whom it is good and interesting to spend a life.

3. To hesitate to take the first step. On the dating site, of people are registered, and it’s quite difficult to stand out among such a multitude of questionnaires only with the help of a beautiful photo. Therefore, do not wait for the Princess to write to you, it is better to “take the bull by the horns”! The main thing is to show that this person is interesting for you, so that she will notice you. Do not think that only the fair sex does not dare to take the first step, men often quietly sigh, looking at a photo of a woman, but they do not dare to write to her, thinking that she is too good for him.

Avoiding these 3 mistakes, you will significantly increase your chances of success on the dating site and meet your loved one!

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