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Online dating as a new form of dating

Dating sites have become very popular in last few years. Online dating has become so popular, that there is rarely a person left that is willing to go on a real, face to face kind of a date before meeting a person online. People are starting to live their lives online from their rooms. And it’s no wonder that more and more people are spending their time searching for their perfect partner online. In this day and age, the time of computers and internet, that seems like only logical thing to do. And if you manage to choose a dating site to visit and look around, you’ll see that most of the profiles belong to girls and women who originate from Russia.

So, the next question that pops into your head is- Why do they search for someone online when there are so many people in their country? The answer to that is simple. One reason for that is the percentage of male population, which is a lot less than percentage of female population in Russia. And the other one is more connected with their way of living. While men are hard working and stable, they often cheat on their girls and girls don’t like that. Since the Russia is the country with lots of traditions, and the people is so traditional that their traditions sometimes come above the law, women are raised to be family-oriented. And with guys that aren’t really with their feet on the ground when it comes to relationships and having families, the only thing the ladies have left to do is to search for the perfect man by using internet and modern technology.

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But, in order to date a girl from Russia, it is recommended that you first get to know her culture and her traditions in order to better understand her way of life. Russia was former Soviet country and had a capitalistic regime. That left the people in Russia with strong respect for the authority (in this case, father, who is the head of the family), as well as with respect for the traditions and religion. One of the most important days in their culture is certainly the International Woman’s Day, which falls on March the 8th, and according to traditions, every woman is to get a gift on this day.

To them, it’s like a mixture of Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and a birthday, except this particular day is celebrated by all the women in the country. And if you show up without any presents for your darling as well as her sister/cousin and mother/grandmother, that will be a great minus in her eyes. Forgetting a day like that is not good. Another important thing in their culture is that they have a different meaning of the term ‘dating’. In their culture it usually involves the couple getting married in the end. So, be careful about the choice of words you are going to use when asking her to date you.

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If you are already dating her and you want to knock her off of her feet, make her hopelessly fall in love with you, give her the experience of being the most important and the only one for you. That will make her feel like a queen, and there isn’t a girl that wouldn’t like that. Behaving like a real gentleman on your date, holding the door for her, walking her home when it’s all over will make her heart skip a beat and surely fall in love with you.