about Russian ladies

It’s all about the little gestures with russian ladies

There isn’t a person that didn’t hear about how special Russian women are. But, lots of us have the same question- is it really that way? And what is that, which makes these ladies so special? Let us start with the way they look. Every girl and woman in Russia looks like some kind of a celebrity or TV star, not to mention photo model and runway girls. They look after their appearance and keep it always on a very high level, so they always look nice. They use their sense of fashion as well as the make up to show their best features. So, there is no man that won’t turn his head around when some of these beauties walks by him on the street.

That means, if he’s not in Russia, because there all women look like that. But, when one of them finds herself in any other country, she might even get a whistle from the people that are passing by. Another thing about Russian ladies is, that they are both strong and very fragile at the same time. As they are usually spending their days in harsh environment in Russia, where is always cold, and their people is very traditional, these ladies know to deal with the most difficult situations and make a decision when it needs to be made. They know what kind of life they want and what they expect from their partners, so they aren’t backing off from that. But, when it comes to being gentle, feminine and romantic, these ladies are again on their territory. They can be as equally gentle as they are tough and they are often said to be really devoted mothers.

Russian girls enjoy

Since they have mostly been raised in traditional families, Russian girls are leaning towards having family of their own really early. And it’s not a surprise to see a girl, who had just turned 21, to get married to the guy who is about 8-10 years older than her. Stability in life, both emotionally and financially, is another thing that Russian girls want in a man. A partner needs to be a man in the real meaning of the word, to be hard working, devoted husband/ partner, provide them with finances and be able to show them that they are the center of his world. Russian girls enjoy in feeling like queens. So, when you are on a mission to win over a Russian girl, here is a couple of tips about that. First off, always remember to bring a rose or some kind of a flower on a date. That will show her from the very beginning that you like her and that you pay attention to her.

over a Russian girl

If you go to a restaurant, open the door for her, hold her jacket, pull her chair when she is to sit down. Pay attention to those small gestures, because they are the ones which will do the main part about winning her over. Make sure to give her compliments on how she looks and how nice she is. Be a gentleman. During the dating process, listen to what her ideas about your relationship are. Sometimes she might have different ideas than you and that can cause a lot of problems. Be sure to tell her directly where and how you see your relationship going as well as what your expectations are. That way, you can be sure that you are on the same page when it comes to living together and starting a family.