There are too many apps for straight hookups, but most of them also welcome LGBTQ singles. If someone wants a special cosy atmosphere for straight folks only, it’s possible too.

To answer this question confidently, we should take a look at hookuping market. Grindr is the leader of gay casual affairs online, so it would be fair to have smth like that for heterosexuals.

That’s why the owners of Grindr have launched the very similar version of it, all for straight sex seekers. The interface and features are very much the same, and reviews are equally positive.

Why is it better than Badoo then if all three come from one owner? Badoo is mostly for flirting and finding friends while Blendr is totally focused on hookups. It’s for doers and achievers.

This app is a favourite even when compared to such leaders as Zoosk. Although it’s swipe-based and resembles Tinder by its principle of work, it differs from it by the purely straight members.

With 200 mln. of singles in its database, Blendr remains the most impressive heterosexual hookup app in the market.

It’s important to point out though that hookups with escorts aren’t always the same as going into a prostitution ring. First of all, the women in escort services aren’t typically as involved in the sexual encounters that those in a prostitution ring have.

They can go on dates with men as well as engage in sexual contact, but they usually have other responsibilities to take care of. While this may not bother someone who doesn’t have a serious need for sex, it may bother someone who isn’t used to having someone to care for them before they go to sleep.