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How to not to be a victim of russian wife scam

Recently I have had the unique opportunity to become a member of dating service and get lots of online dating with Russian single ladies experience. At the very beginning of that process, I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult due to the opportunities of contemporary world – we could stay in touch 24/7. But the problem had the other side – it wasn’t about having problems with the system using as well as using different additional features. Unfortunately, it was all about people. Before I became a member of dating service, I had found out scammers on such services which made me a little bit scared. But I made a decision to prepare for such situation. Fortunately, I found out how to identify Russian wife scam and avoid being cheated. When I created an account, the first thing I noticed was a checking and verifying that persuaded me that online service tried to create high protection of the system. Afterward, whilst I was searching for Russian ladies to date I took a short look at their accounts and managed to see trust level that made me think about another protection. Trust level means that registered ladies provided their passport and other documents that prove their personality. Even if I was choosing the woman with only high trust level, I had a few bad experiences which made me make next conclusions about how to detect scammers:

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Writing weird sentences that grammatically are not correct. A few days after I created my account I have received a weird message. I automatically started thinking about scammers because I had found such article before becoming a part of russianscamalert.com online dating system. So the first thing that can be a hint that a Russian woman is a scammer is writing weird sentences, having incorrect sentence structure as well as grammatical and spelling errors.

Make deep conversations. Proper conversation or online dating does have to take some time in order to see if you can trust your partner. In order to detect the scammers, you can just start asking basic questions and if the woman doesn’t want to answer them and keep asking you more intimate and private questions with the goal to get something from you, you should definitely end the conversation.

Don’t let beautiful profile photos make an influence on you. It is not a secret that Russian ladies are one of the most beautiful and attractive girls in the whole world. But there are two options – the photos that you can see on their profiles can be fake, or the scammers make a decision to upload real photos that attract foreign men. The scammers usually ask for sending them money and even provide everything that is usually needed to make that money transfer possible.

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Invite her to video chat. Nothing proves the personality of both man and woman like having proper video chat. If you think your lady from Russia has something to hide from you, invite her to have online webcam conversation whilst dating on russianscamalert.com. Scammers will make up different excuses and reasons why they cannot start video chat so after a long time of canceling that online event you should think about ending communicating with that person or even reporting her to the live support.

It is not a secret that whilst being on dating service I was provided with the latest advanced features that made the whole process easier and more interesting to me. My advice is to not to be afraid of scammers because if you know how to avoid them and how to behave you won’t be a victim of them. When it comes to me, I just decided to ignore them right after detecting– isn’t that easy? I find searching for real love is more important that having empty conversations with dishonest people.