How foreigners see russian ladies

When you talk about Russia, the first things that should come to your mind are: their amazing landscapes covered with snow, fairy tales and their gorgeous women. According to statistical data, Russian women are on top of the ladder when it comes to competing for the tittle of the most beautiful women in the world. And it’s no wonder that there are tons of men waiting in line to date them and even marry them. And there are a few things that make these ladies so special and unique. First of all there is their beauty. As if they are all working for some modeling house, these ladies are always to be seen on the streets in their best edition, wearing the latest fashion hits and with the best make up and hair style in the specific period of the year. And when you manage to get your senses all sorted out after turning your head for some of them, there is the next thing.

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They are very gentle and feminine besides being strong. This is a very unusual combination for women. But, since they are used to living in such harsh and not so forgiving environment like Russia, they are used to having to live in pretty tough conditions. Also, since they are all emotional, like most of the women, that makes a pretty interesting combination for a dating person. And with that kind of characteristics, these ladies are often to come off as demanding or to much “mom-like” in their behavior, at least to the most of the men that are used to dating women from the western culture. Make no mistake of underestimating them when you date one of the Russian girls, because they are smart and know what they want in life and from the man they want to spend their lives with.

Since they are almost all raised in traditional families, where the father is to say the last word and they are used to respecting the hierarchy among the elders, Russian women tend to have families of their own as soon as they come of age. That is why they are so eager to leave the nest and start living their lives, no matter where they are. So, for now you have looks, smarts and toughness along with being fragile. But in order to win their hearts, there are some things that one should pay attention to. Since their social life is different from the western culture, which had survived the equality reforms and with that lost the old and traditional way of dating, Russian culture has kept that way of dating even now. And for that kind of dating, chivalry is the center of everything you do.

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Being a gentleman can help out a lot, which includes having manners, doing all the small gestures as you take your girl on a date, like holding her coat, opening the door, standing up as she excuses herself from the table and that kind of things. It is also good to get to know their traditions and customs as soon as you start dating some of these ladies. It will make the understanding them a lot easier and you will get to see their life style. One thing that every girl loves is getting gifts and it’s no other way with Russians. Except they aren’t that crazy about high class expensive presents. They prefer those presents that show how much thought has man put into buying it. Besides all above mentioned characteristics, Russian women are also very good at being moms. They can manage balancing out their daily job with raising kids, but in most of the cases, they’ll rather give up on their careers and devote themselves to spending time with children.