dating a Russian woman

Dating in various cultures and russia

Dating was always a big part of most of the cultures. And although it is pretty much the same in almost all countries, in some of them, people just behave and see the things in relations between people differently, which is often influenced by the culture itself. And that is how most of the misunderstandings between interracial couples occur. What might be a really positive thing in one culture while dating, it might be what another culture considers to be done only in marriage or not at all, that it’s something rude.

And that is why dating Russian women is a bit problem for western men. Let’s say that you are a man from the western culture and that you want to date a Russian girl. There are some customs and situations that are differently observed and looked at in these two cultures. First off, unlike people from the western culture, Russians are very traditional. That means that if you are dating a Russian girl, big chances are that she will want to get married as soon as possible, if she thinks that you are the “one”. That is nothing extraordinary in Russia. Some of them are even more than willing to leave the country and everything they have in order to have a good marriage.

Russian women are strong and pretty

And unlike Russian men, who often tend to cheat their wives, Russian girls are family oriented and they don’t like being cheated on, so they are looking for more suitable partners through online dating sites. Another important thing when it comes to dating Russian ladies is to pay a lot of attention to her. Russian women are strong and pretty decisive when it comes to living in harsh conditions, but they are gentle and fragile at the same time. They need lots of emotions involved int he relationship, small cute gestures like bringing her flowers for no reason and that kind of stuff.

That will surely make her heart start raising. Besides that, make sure to get to know something about her culture and traditions. Getting to know the country where she came from, as well as her customs and traditions will be useful for two reasons: first, you will make it all easier to understand her and some of her reactions, because they are dependent on the way she is raised, and second great thing is that she will see that you appreciate her and are trying to get to know everything about her better. And she will love you even more for that. Also, taking the time to learn the language is a bonus with there ladies. Another thing that you need to have in mind when dating a Russian woman is, that they don’t pay for anything.

dating a Russian woman

If you take her on a date or just go out with her, it is understood that you are paying for everything. And if it happens that you don’t want to pay for anything, she might consider you to be greedy. Besides all of this, there are some qualities that Russian women tend to look in a man, so be sure that you are on the same page when it comes to choosing a partner for life. Since they grew up in harsh environment, these girls are both strong and fragile, so that is exactly the guy type they are looking for. The one who will be both strong and emotional, to be the shoulder they can lean on as well as provide them with a nice life, but also be able and willing to hear them out and dedicate the time to them.