Cultural differences between russia and western countries

Cultural differences between russia and western countries

Many people are looking for their soul mate. Some of them prefer to meet other people face to face, but some of them like getting to know various persons through online dating sites first. If you are more of an online dating type of a person, it is most likely that you will come across many dating sites. And along with that, you’ll get to see that most of them have tons of profiles made by young and attractive Russian women. Before you get involved with one of them, there are some guidelines that you should go through and thing to get to know.

First of all, when it comes to dating, that is a bit different in Russia. In Russian culture, term dating strictly indicates the type of a relationship that will end up in marriage. Because of that kind of differences between Russian and western cultures, lots of misunderstandings can occur. Due to the harsh environment and their colorful culture and traditions, Russian girls have totally different view on life and living in general. It is important to always have in mind that Russian girls and women are really emotional and they love romance and romantic gestures. What comes as a cliché to most of us, that comes as a pretty normal behavior for these ladies. They really enjoy in being drown in attention they get from their admirer and the person they are dating. These girls want to feel like they are unique and special and if a guy tries to meet and date more of them, the biggest probability is, that he will end up empty-handed, because when these girls find out they are just a name on the list, they have no regret leaving everything.

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This topic also includes giving compliments. Russian women are in general very attractive and great looking, so it doesn’t come as a hard thing to tell them just how adorable they are. Also, showing your gentleman skills, like opening the door when she gets out of the car or holding her jacket, leaves a very positive impression with the Russian ladies. They often say that these kind of small gestures show that a man really cares for them and that he pays attention to them. Besides this, there is another important thing is good to know when dating a girl from this culture. Whenever a Russian girl wants to talk about the future with you, you should listen with high level of attention. Since they have different point of view on life, sometimes these girls might come off as too unrealistic or even demanding.

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They often know what they want from the man they plan to spend the life with, as well as from the life itself. They have a certain way of living already imagined in their heads, so if you don’t agree with it, you should tell her that immediately. Make sure to be honest with her, because honest conversation and communication will clear out to her where she’s at with you. If you are very traditional person, you might just fit right into their life style. Traditions are one more important thing in lives of Russian ladies as well as Russians in general. Don’t be surprised to see Russians putting their traditional events and customs above the law in their country, that is so ordinary for them. When you get to meet their traditions and their culture, a lot of things in their behavior will be a lot clearer to you, so make sure to do that as soon as possible if you decide to date some of their women.